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Indego / Automotive Consulting / Steve Young

Steve Young

Steve Young Automotive ConsultantSteve is a highly experienced international automotive executive, who has split his career equally between line management and consulting / entreprenurial roles, working in most parts of the world.  He was CEO of LDV Group, the specialist light commercial vehicle producer, and a Director of GAZ International, responsible for evaluation of strategic growth opportunities for GAZ Group outside the CIS.  He  left the company before GAZ was affected by financial difficulties and the collapse of LDV, and is now Managing Director of the International Car Distribution Programme, as well as continuing to provide automotive consultancy and act as a non-executive director through IndeGo Consulting.
Through the breadth of his career over more than 30 years, Steve has gained a unique perspective into the global automotive industry.  He is able to view issues from a strategic perspective, but also understands the challenges of day to day executive management.  Having worked along all parts of the automotive value chain, he understands the different challenges faced by each party, and how to respond to those challenges.  He is also able to bring perspectives from outside the auto industry where these may be useful in challenging pre-conceptions and blinkered thinking.

Career Summary:



Managing Director, International Car Distribution Programme (ICDP)
Leadis an international research team on behalf of vehicle manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and other participants in the downstream automotive value chain, with the objective of  improving the new vehicle supply system and aftermarket sector.


CEO, LDV Group

Led the award-winning turnaround of this £200m turnover LCV specialist, and Chief Operating Officer, GAZ International

2004-2006, 2008-

Director, IndeGo Consulting

Worked on acquisitions and alliances to form the basis of an IndeGo Car Company, and supported Magma in the potential acquisition of MG Rover assets in conjunction with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).  Provides management consultancy services to the automotive sector including strategy, business planning, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence amd operational improvement.  Expert witness on automotive disputes and arbitration.


Non-Executive Director of Ashok Leyland India’s second largest commercial vehicle producer, and of it's sister company Chennai Foundries



Vice-President, Global Automotive Practice, A.T. Kearney

Responsible for Ford of Europe and Premier Automotive Group accounts, but also working across multiple geographies and clients on strategic and operational issues


Works Manager, Edwards High Vacuum

One of the leading manufacturers of high vacuum equipment


Ford Motor Company

European Truck HQ and Tractor Operations


British Leyland – Jaguar Rover Triumph

BSc Production Engineering and DMS (Diploma in Management Studies) in General Management

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