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How much extra would you pay each month to get the "Peace of Mind" and "Predictability" offered by IndeGo, compared to what you spend today?


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Previous surveys showed that most people under-estimate the cost of running a car.  Some focus only on their regular out of pocket costs such as fuel and any finance payments.  Most forget their own capital which is tied up in the vehicle and the occasional bills which come along such as repairs and tyres.  For many people, any costs associated with a major repair presents a real financial challenge, and car replacement is often deferred past the point which might be ideal from a condition or needs perspective because of the switching costs.  As a result, cars may not be safe or running efficiently, and users compromise with a vehicle that no longer meets their changing needs.

With IndeGo, the complete cost other than fuel is fixed when you sign the agreement.  When the agreement comes to an end, you can renew or enter into a new agreement for a different car.  Your personal mobility now comes at an entirely predictable cost – no surprises, no need to save or borrow for your next car or that unexpected bill.