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Indego / Business Model / Vehicle Lifecycle

Vehicle Lifecycle

For customers choosing a new vehicle, their IndeGo car will be assembled to order including limited colour and option choices.   An IndeGo car would have colour and trim patterns applied to easily changeable external and internal panels, and late fitment of options, thus retaining flexibility to adapt the specification for subsequent users.

Throughout the vehicle life, condition monitoring will report through a telematics link any error messages and the usage pattern.  This will allow service and repair requirements to be evaluated for each individual car on the fleet.  Telematics also allows IndeGo to monitor usage against the agreed customer contract, and proactively contact customers to suggest a change to the contracted terms.  The telematics link provides the information which IndeGo can use to propose earlier or later return dates in order to match with incoming customer enquiries for similar cars.

On vehicle return, IndeGo will refurbish the vehicle ready for the next user. This could include adding or deleting options from the vehicle, and in some cases changing body and trim panels. Due to the modular design, modules may be changed where this provides value to either IndeGo or the next user.

At the end of the vehicle life (assumed for business modeling purposes to be 8 years), the vehicle would be retired from service and broken up for recycling.  Throughout it’s life the vehicle would remain within IndeGo ownership in a closed system, thus retaining full control of the vehicle and all the related expenditures.